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Computer Laboratory

With the introduction of a number of revised and restructured courses, computers have become an integral part of the school curriculum. The Computer Laboratory in the school provides the pupils with an opportunity for hands-on training and enhancing their computer skills.


A large and extensive playground with facilities for playing Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball and Athletics is provided for the all sports-inclined students. Also available is excellent equipment for the same. Facility for indoor games is also provided.


Sprawling lawns with trees full of foliage, flowering plants and lush green grass are a specialty of St. James. The cool shade of the trees provide relief in the summer months. Sometimes you can even see activities or class es taking place under the trees. You are welcome to fully utilize the above or for sitting , practicing for an activity or for studying, but littering is strictly forbidden.

St.Jamesí Canteen

Lots of yummy food, at Reasonable prices too. You will find that St. Jamesí Canteen is a place where students meet and interact over steaming cups of tea/coffee, fruit juice, spicy chat, crispy spring-rolls, patties, samosas and breadpakoras, ice-cream, chips, toffees and biscuits are among the various food items on offer. You will be pleased to find that the canteen proprietor is a warm and efficient person to interact with.

Picnics / Excursion

The school organizes annual picnics to the nearby picnic spots for all classes along with their respective class teachers giving a break from monotonous routine.